More Opportunities than what we have. As we have seen our city turn into a warehouse city against the wishes of the residents, we need to ask ourselves if it is helping and why does our council members keep approving them? As the only candidate that has not supported turning our city into a warehouse city, I have not received a single penny from developers. Many developers, who do not live in the city of Perris,  are looking at Perris because other cities refuse to allow it. They pump in thousands of dollars in other campaigns, and soon receive whatever project they wish for even against the wishes of the residents. Where once was promises of commercial and grocery stores are instead changed to industrial to make room for warehouses. 

         Warehouses have done almost nothing to fix our unemployment and poverty levels, but instead add to the pollution and traffic congestion. We can come up with better solutions that help to create good paying jobs without creating so much problems. With my vote, we will put an end to turning Perris into a warehouse city. We can do better in aggressively attracting businesses and companies that pay livable wages and provide a better future for our youth. 


Promoting Education. As a teacher, I believe education should remain a top priority for any city to improve. An educated city is a safer, healthier, skilled, and higher paid city. I will collaborate with the school districts to ensure they have everything they need outside the schools in order to be successful inside the schools. I will ensure students are able to get to schools safely and the areas around our schools are clean and secure. Education is not just for the children, but for all residents. I will work with the community colleges to create an extension campus in order to take academic classes or to train our residents in an in-demand high wage career or trade. 


Creating Quality Job Opportunities by attracting quality businesses to invest in the City of Perris and hire locally. People deserve to earn a living wage for honest work. We need jobs, but not any jobs. I will aggressively seek out businesses and companies that are looking to invest in the hardworking residents of Perris. By working with the academic institutions and businesses, we can set up programs that train our residents for high-demand jobs and trades. Ensuring that we increase the number of skilled workers will attract higher paying local jobs in occupations such as Green tech, the medical field, skilled automotive and construction, industrial manufacturing, and computer sciences.

        We also need to seek out businesses that are looking for the educated residents and young adults who go off to college. As a STEM  teacher (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), I know that the top paying jobs are in the STEM fields. We need to bring these businesses here to Perris so we don't continue our Brain Drain.     


More Retail Options to all parts of the City of Perris. Too many of our residents need to shop outside of our city and it's time we stop losing dollars to neighboring cities. The North of Perris has been promised supermarkets for years, and its time we finally make it happen. The South can take full advantage of upcoming development within Perris and especially neighboring cities which can spend their money here for a change. Improvements and increased safety in the center of Perris will make shopping in Perris a better experience. When my parents owned a successful small business, they closed after becoming victims of numerous burglaries and armed robberies. Existing businesses should feel safe, free of violence, shoplifting, and theft. It is a shame to everyone when a business has to close due to theft. The city should make it clear that Perris is open for business. It is also important that all new businesses ensure they are benefitting the residents of Perris and are not negatively impacting existing businesses or the quality of life of the residents.  

Increasing Safety and Accessibility for all citizens, especially the youth, seniors, and working families. We need to come up with real solutions to deal with our growing problem of mail theft. Growing up in Perris I have unfortunately been a witness to gang shootings, become the victim of a number of thefts, witnessed my senior citizen father become a victim of gang violence, and having my mother violently attacked in front of a grocery store. I know all too well the problems that Perris faces when it comes to safety. Crime has hit all parts of Perris and affects all demographics and neighborhoods across our city. Increased police presence, use of unarmed volunteer citizen patrols, and cameras are all tools that I intend to pursue in order to make Perris a safer city. By collaborating with our law enforcement I will make sure the hundreds of sex offenders and violent parolees are being carefully monitored and our residents and children are safe. We shouldn't have to be a dumping ground for everyone's problems and I want to be a councilman who fights for the safety of our residents so families don't have to go through what my family has experienced. By improving and looking at our infrastucture, I want to improve and ensure that our residents can safely travel around the city so no one is injured or killed trying to get somewhere. 

Being the Voice for our Citizens who are often ignored and neglected. I want to be the voice that listens and acts upon what our residents want. I am someone that can be trusted and who hasn't received any funds from outside special interest. 


Teacher for Perris City Council